LGBTQ Summit

May 4th

It was an amazing experience to be apart of the rainbow summit organized by another Liger student. There were students invited from other NGOs to be apart of the summit. It was more than a discussion since it’s the world issue that requires more understanding because there are discrimination toward those people from the LGBTQ community. I believe the summit actually was impacting Cambodia in someway since it allows people to have empathy towards those people in the community. We also learned about laws, and lack of languages in Khmer for those people in the rainbow community. It’s a problem to not have proper languages since it could affect how people interpret words. For instance, we only have one word in Khmer for the whole LGBTQ community, which is “ខ្ទើយ”.

Second Khmer Model United Nations Conference

May 11th and May 12th

It was my second time to participate in our Khmer Model United Nations conference held at our Liger campus. I represented France and we debated on rights for LGBTQ community and quality air control around the world. The conference was slightly different from other conferences since there were so many first experience delegates. It was a great time seeing many first time students came up to the podium and expressed their country’s stance to many other delegates. I am looking forward into more MUN conferences. It was a great learning experience. 

Phnom Penh Hat Frisbee Tournament

On the 2nd and 3rd of March, I went to a Frisbee tournament call Phnom Penh Hat tournament. Our team name was Bouviers. We call ourselves the “best friends.” We didn’t know each other since we were randomly selected to play as a team together, but we learned to play with each other really well. Each and every team there were so competitive, but we finally made it to the final and won the whole tournament. It was my first time to ever win the whole tournament. Anyway, I am hoping to play in more tournaments next time. I couldn’t forget the fact that I got a t-shirt size XXL to play at the whole tournament! I was the last one to be there, so that’s the only t-shirt left for me.  

Frisbee Coaching – Camkids – Kampong Speu

6th May 2018

It was a great time spent down at Kampong Speu on a Sunday morning. Me and a few of my other friends did a three-hour long frisbee coaching for kids at a community school, Camkids. We can see the excitement and smiles on their little faces; they were having lots of fun. We taught them throwing techniques, game techniques as well as rules for the game. We can share loves through a variety of ways and I am proud that I am one of a distributor of this training. We also donated 4 frisbees for the school so those kids can continue on practicing in their free time.  

PHARE, Filming Project – Battambang

25th -31rd, March

I have to really admit this, out of all opportunities that I’ve gotten so far, this opportunity is another amazing experience I had. It was crazy at first when I was told that I was selected to be a part of this project and at that time all I knew was that I was going to be involved in a film production and that I will be working with professionals which I had no idea who they were. It was scary at first, hopping on a bus with strangers when we literally never have had a conversation together any time before that. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but the situation started to come together when we all started talking and working together. The purpose of the project was mainly to create a music video about Phare brightness of  Art, an art school. I learned a lot out of the experience. It was a two-week long project and I was in the first week. There were lots of planning going on during the first week and I was mostly working on interviewing founders to learn more about Phare. It was not a normal interview like I learned in school; it was more like creating emotions sort of interview. I also was helping in being a director assistant in the practice shoot as well as explaining the concepts to students at the school so they could help coming up with ideas to create the music video with us. I had lots of fun working with the school as well as the Human Agency team. They were all friendly and great group of people to be working with. I really appreciate the opportunity they have given to me and I am anticipating looking forward to future project that the Human Agency is willing to offer to us in August to learn more in-depth aspects of filming.

Check out our video! 

Frisbee Competition – Malaysia

17th March 2018

Here is another amazing opportunity being offered. Every weekend on Sunday, I would be joining a frisbee training with other girls; we call our selves “Bee Force”. Through hard work and lots of training time, I got selected from our team to go to Malaysia to be in the competition, to represent our country and to represent our only girls’ team. We got lots of new players. Some of our players only got like half a year of experience, but we all tried our best to compete. Out of the six games we played, we won 1! It was a great experience to see how much all of us were pushing ourselves and we finally won our first international game! It was really inspirational for me to see how many other women play out there; they are strong! I even saw some women were playing against men! There is no specific gender for any kind of sports, anyone can be good at it as long as they try.  

Science Fair – Olympic Stadium

2nd March, 2018

Stem is always an interesting idea to investigate and learn deep into them. They are just mind-blowing. Some materials that we found useless can turn into amazing structures. I am glad to participate the STEM event that was held at Olympics Stadium. There were lots of materials being built by students and many other engineers to represent physics behind a system as well as a building. Besides that, I also got a team of three with two of my classmates to go activities that were created by STEM event organizer. It was amazing that we can also have fun while learning a concept. I am also happy to see lots of government school students showed up and actually presented something they’ve learned in school. 

Rabies Mission – Phnom Penh Mission

7th February, 2018

I’ve always been so in love with animals and I am so glad to be apart of this exploration to be able to help to improve animals’ lives as well as people’s safety that are living around them. The mission went so well and we successfully injected 167 cats and dogs! It was a long and tired day, but we didn’t lose our courage to continue on working at all. Some of us scanned for chips (in case the dog has already gotten rabies injection) while some of us injected vaccines and recorded animal’s data. I am really looking forward in helping to be apart of this project sometimes more in the future. I feel like it is a nice action from our side to help animals. They might not be able to talk, but I believe that they also have a sense in their minds that they also want to live their lives healthily as well. It was awesome to see those animals’ owners were smiling when they know that their pets will be safe from Rabies! 

Change Gender Summit 2018

27th January, 2018

I was invited to be part of the Liger Gender Summit 2018 hosted by an exploration group from the Liger Leadership Academy. I am delighted to be apart of the summit since I got to meet lots of other students in both genders from other schools. It is also interesting to listen to their opinions and experiences related to gender issues since gender is a really big issue across the globe. It is a heart touching issue and both genders have experienced similar issues in their lives. Both genders found it difficult to confront with their parents even though they are not happy with what they were told relating to how they should behave.  I found the experience helpful for me to share the stresses and worries that I have been keeping in my mind for a long time. I believe that everyone deserves to be loved as well as to recieve equal rights. Everyone can do whatever they want as long as the actions would lead them joy. Be yourself! 🙂 

Disabilities Project

January 17th, 2018

I was invited by the Juniors cohort at Liger to be part of their activities that were focusing on disabilities. They created different tasks for us to do and we have to be like the disabilities people like missing an arm, a leg, deaf, blind or not being able to speak. I found the activities helpful in a way that I kind of can feel the feeling that disabilities people have. I understand that they don’t want to be like that but it just a thing that they can’t control and that they just have to live their lives through it. I don’t feel that lucky that I have everything I need until I experienced this and that I think I should be grateful with what I have since there are people out there who might be wishing for what I have now.