Greek God – Hermes

We’ve been learning about Ancient Civilization in our Literacy class. We were focusing Greek Mythology. We researched about a Greece god, so I god Hermes. Hermes is a god messenger, but could also be known as a god of music or god of wind. I was supposed to write a character profile about my greek god, so below is a quick myth about Hermes. We also had to create suitcase symbolism to represents materials that our god would bring if they were to go anywhere.

At an age of one day old, a young baby Hermes revealed his unique personalities: curious, smart, but also a trickster. Hermes is a son of Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods/goddesses and Maia, a daughter of Titan Atlas. This second youngest of the Olympian god was born in a course of one day on Mount Cylene in Arcadia. On the first day of his birth, Hermes sneaked out of his cradle when his nurses turned away from him. He wandered around in the field and saw a herd of cattle. He then drove them off and hid them in a cave in mountains. By the time he realized that his nurses will come to find him again, he started to head home. On the way, baby Hermes found a tortoise shell. He then connected strings to it and had created himself a tortoise lyre. He entertained himself by playing his new instrument till he got home. He then went straight back to the cradle; no one was aware about what he had done. Apollo, the owner of the cattles also known as god of music, poetry and art, was told by an old man that his cattles were stolen by baby Hermes. Apollo went straight to Maia, and told her what had happened. She was surprised and took Apollo to baby Hermes, who’s sleeping peacefully in the cradle. Apollo didn’t believe the innocent look of baby Hermes and insisted to take him to mount Olympus before Zeus or any other gods could say anything. Baby Hermes denied and could talk as fast and fluence enough that other gods who were there were amused and delighted by it. Hermes stole the cattles, but Zeus, his father still felt so proud of his son that baby Hermes could do such a thing when he’s only a day old. Hermes is intelligent, but he still need to confess what he had done and that he should also bring Apollo to where he had hidden the herd of oxens. He brought his new tortoise lyre to play on the way and Hermes was seemed to be impressed by it. Hermes gave his new instrument to Apollo, since Apollo loves musics. Apollo seemed to forgive baby Hermes by then. Apollo then gave his cattles to baby Hermes in return.

Khmer Poem – Mom

This is one of my favorite poems that I wrote for my Khmer Literacy class. The topic was free to choose to write and I chose to write about my mom.


វាយោបក់ផាត់កាត់ពីឆ្ងាយ                       ស្រណោះអ្នកម្តាយធ្លាប់នៅជិត

ផ្តល់ក្តីស្រឡាញ់និងអាណិត                       ឲ្យកូនរៀនគិត និងរៀនយល់។

ម៉ែធ្លាប់ប្រាប់កូនឲ្យធ្វើខ្លួន                       ជាជនសមសួនមិនអំពុល

ទុក្ខដល់អ្នកណាឲ្យគេខ្វល់                          ទុកជាឫសគល់ទន់ជីវិត។

ម៉ែឲ្យកូនរៀនប្រើសម្តី                                 តិចច្រើនម្តេចក្តីត្រូវចេះគិត

ត្រូវចេះគោរពអ្នកចាស់ព្រឹទ្ធ                     ឲ្យប្រើគំនិតទុកជាស្ពាន។

ម៉ែឲ្យកូនរៀនមានចំណេះ                          ឲ្យកូនបានចេះទុកជាយាន

ឲ្យកូនចេះឆ្លាតគំនិតមាន                       ហាក់ដូចភ្លើងទៀនបំភ្លឺផ្លូវ។

ម៉ែសែនបារម្មណ៏ពេលកូនឈឺ                  ម្តាយចង់ដឹងលឺរឿងកូនពៅ

ម្តាយចង់នៅក្បែរថែមាសឆ្អៅ                មិនដែលចង់ទៅឆ្ងាយកូនឡើយ។

ម៉ែតែងតែលួងពេលកូនយំ                     រហូតកូនធំម្តាយបានស្បើយ

កូនលែងងរយំដូចមុនហើយ                 ម៉ែបានល្ហែល្ហើយក្នុងចិន្តា។

ម៉ែបារម្មណ៏ខ្លាចកូនស្រីឃ្លាន                ម្តាយខំប្រឹងប្រៀនរកអាហារ

ឲ្យកូនបានឆ្អែតពេញឪរ៉ា                      កូនចាកទុក្ខាម្តាយអរក្រៃ។

ម៉ែមានចំណីមួយចំណិត                         ម្តាយតែងនឹកគិតដល់កូនថ្លៃ

ចង់ឲ្យកូនឆ្ងាញ់បានពេញផ្ទៃ                ម្តាយអស់រឿងភ័យរំខានចិត្ត។

ម៉ែបក់ក្រម៉ាពេលកូនគេង                  ខ្លាចមូសត្រាំត្រេងខាំមាសស្និទ្ធិ

រំខានដំណេកបណ្តូលចិត្ត                      ខ្លាចកូនស្រីពិតអស់កម្លាំង។

ម៉ែមិនខ្វល់ប្រាណមានជម្ងឺ                     ទោះជាទោះឈឺតែងប្រណាំង

ស៊ូទ្រាំជំនះនិងប្រឆាំង                          តស៊ូតតាំងនឹងឧបសគ្គ។

ម៉ែតែងស្តីថាកូនមែនពិត                      ប៉ុន្តែក្នុងចិត្តម្តាយតែងឆ្លាក់

មេរៀនល្អៗនិងសច្ចៈ                             ម្តាយមិនអល់អាក់ប្រាប់កូនទេ។

កូនឆ្ងាយម្តាយពិតតែចិត្តនៅ            នឹកឃើញម្តាយនៅធ្លាប់បំពេ

ស្រឡាញ់ថ្នាក់ថ្នមកូនជាងគេ              មិនដែលទំនេរបានយូរសោះ។

សូមម៉ែប្រណីរឿងកន្លង                     អ្នកម្តាយមាសស្នងសូមស្រណោះ

កូនស្រីនៅក្មេងម្នាក់នេះចុះ              មិនទាន់យល់អស់គ្រប់ប្រការ។

Here’s a brief description of what the poem is saying and I started off everything stanza in the word “ម៉ែ”, which is a mother in Khmer. 

The wind is blowing, which reminds me of the existence of my mother, which reminds me of her love and sympathy that she gives me. Those had taught me to learn how to think and understand my surroundings. Mom used to teach to be a person that will not bother others. Being that person will create a pathway for my life. Mom taught me to speak thoughtfully and respectfully toward others. This tip will create a bridge for my life. Mom sends me to school, which allows me to have the knowledge, which is like a candle that helps to light up my world. Whenever I get sick, mom would never ever want to stay away from me; she wanted to take care of me. I cried so much when I was young, but mom always comforts me. Mom would always find food for me to eat so that I could be full. When there’s a piece of food, she thinks of saving it for me first before herself. She has a krama to fan so that mosquitoes won’t bite me. Sometimes mom might be sick, but she still tries to fight over her own sickness and even hide it because of me. She might blame, but it’s all because she wanted me to become a good person. Even though I am living somewhere far away from my mother right now, but the love has never faded. I am apologizing for anything that I have done wrong; it’s all because I still have much more things to learn.

Physics – Elastic Potential Energy

We learned how spring force work. We use the equation, F = -kx. which F is the apply force, k is spring constant and x is how much spring displace from its original shape. This is part of the lab, where we are required to use the phet website to figure out spring constant and elongation and put those data in a table and graph them out. Afterward, we were required to use the information we had already found out and use to find the unknown mass of the 3 colored objects (red, tan and green).

Coming of Age Narrative Essay

“Failing is common, and we might fail many times just like when we started walking.”
This is a quote from my coming of age narrative writing. I wrote about an unforgettable time in my life. I fail because of the situation at that moment, but it was a lesson learn experience. It will never leave my heart until the end of my life because it was a huge loss. Within the writing process, I’ve also learned to write creatively as well as making my narrative essay interesting in a way that readers can picture what I was trying to communicate. It took up lots of works and edits to make the narrative become as almost perfect as it can be.  

AP Statistics Course

In math class, I am currently taking an AP statistics course. Lots of efforts and times have to be put into it. I find it fun, but challenging at the same time since it’s a college level course with high vocabularies and plus English is my second language. I experience learning math in a distinctive way than how I used to feel.

Study of Kinematic

Physics is not just a study of forces or motion, but math also has a role in physics as well in the process of calculating forces acted on an object. We learned about forces and energy. We also learned to apply formulas to an exercise. It is challenging since I always have to be organized in solving the problems or else I can mess up the whole thing. I like that there is a variety of ways that can be done in the solving process, so if I am not sure how to solve a problem, I can always try to make a connection to things I already know and solve it.

Pjum Ben

It is essential to know why would we do what we do at a certain time of year. Pjum Ben is one of Cambodian’s festival that occurs every September and it lasted for 15 days. For us that are alive have to go to the pagoda to offer foods to monks so monks can send the food to our family members that have already passed away. I worked with my other three members to create a book related to the history of Pjum Ben as well as practices that people do when the festival occurs so that we have information to look through when we need it in the future.
Here is the link to the book that we have created: