STEM Festival At ITC, Cambodia

On the 10th of March, I went to ITC (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) to do a presentation about coding. I did the presentation with my other friend Vuthy. We shared about basic of coding like using a simple program like Scratch. We also shared about our Bus Application that we as a group working with a mentor, Djibril every weekend to learn about coding such as Meteor, Javascript, Angular Js and so on. There were many people there that came to look at what we have done. Besides, we both took turns to go and visit other places.

Entrepreneurship Description

Name of course: Entrepreneurship (round 3)

Learning Facilitator: Jeff Boucher

Number of students: 12

Course Description:

In entrepreneurship, we are working on developing our own business about chili sauce. We were divided into four groups working specific jobs such as: outreach (to market our product), recipe development (making our chilli sauce into a best taste as possible), legal team (make sure that our business is legal to sell. etc) and bottle and label team (developing our brand). We went on a small field trip to Moo Moo farm, which is a dairy cow business in Cambodia. This is a new business and they have to import cows from other countries and also they have to learn all the science about cows, so we’ve got many idea from them about how to improve our business. I was a part of outreach team with my two other friends. We had created a Facebook account t0 advertise our chilli sauce when it is ready to sell. We also met with Dom (our school director) to ask him of some possible questions that investors might ask when we pitch our business to investors. We try to answer those questions. but the major one that we can’t miss is our business plan. We predict many things and I thought that it was so hard to predict things, but that is part of the business plan, but it also have to make sense. Besides, we also learning about business concept to make sure that we understand what we are working on. We are still picking our brand picture, but now we are down to our name “Cambodian Dynamite”.

Film Festival at ISPP


On the 26th of March 2016, I had participate in an event at ISPP which was Film Festival, where kids from many different ages create their own films and film their movies. There were four movies submitted from Liger and one of them was mine and my partner, Marady. We both came up with the idea of ghost movie. We found out that filming isn’t easily come out like what we thought because the light have to look good and the movie have to make sense. It was challenging for us because our movie have to shoot at night and sometimes we gone to bed late because of the film. But still we love our film. I did the edit of the entire movie and I found out that my film took much time on editing than filming! Successfully, the amount of effort that we put on our film is worth it. Marady got a price for best acting and we got another price for best director. We also would like to say thank you to our mentor Richard Ramond Harry Herbeck.

Check out my movie!


Singapore First Lego League(FLL) Competition

On the 3rd of March 2016, 10 students from Liger Learning Center, including me got a special opportunity to go to Singapore to compete a robot competition, which is a global challenge that students would do all over the world. Every year, there’s always the different theme to compete on and this year challenge is Trash Trek. There are two different challenges to compete on the theme. One, is asked to define the problems and find creative solutions to the problems. The other one is robot programming, which allow us to make our own robot and program it.

robot compete

There were over 200 teams from many different countries participated in the event and the event was hosted my the Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore. I enjoyed the competition a lot because I get to see many other students coming up with many creative idea. I want to appreciate my team, known as Rebot that works together well enough that we each got a medal for 2nd runner-up for creative solution to the plastic issue.


Beside the competition, we also had a fun time together there. We bought tickets to go on hop on hop off bus to see the city, but we also got a pair of earphones each to listen to the audio of Singapore history. It was fun for me. I like Singapore and I am sure my friends also do. One of my favorite part was to ride on mass transportation like train and two floor bus because I have never got this experience before, but also tasting new food!