Water Safety Description


Name of course: Water Safety

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of students: 10

Dates: 4/27 to 6/15

Course Description:

Water Safety was such a busy Exploration for me. Our group had one big intention, is to reduce drowning in Cambodia. We had learned from data that was researched by UNICEF and UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations that works in Cambodia to help protect rights for children. This organization had found out that drowning is the number of people cause of death in Cambodia. In average when they compare males and females together they found out that the amount of males who died from drowning is more than females. The things that cause kids to drown the most are playing/swimming in the water. Also, the really awful thing is that kids die every four hours from drowning and the estimation for one year is 2090 kids in Cambodia. After we learned all of this data we did some research on the internet to check out if this information that we had is right or wrong. Besides that, we went on an overnight trip to an organization called Camkids. We prepared some questions to ask them because we wanted to make sure that the data that we looked at is the right one that we could learn from, so some of the data that we found at Camkids matched with what we had learned in class. To reduce drowning in Cambodia, our group created the swimming lessons for seven weeks. We invited kids from our nearby community to come over to our school and our intention was to help reduce drowning as I had mentioned at the top and we did reached our intention because after the community kids learned the swimming lessons they were pretty good at it.