Cambodian Economy Description

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Name of course: Cambodian Economy

Learning Facilitator: Jeff

Number of Students: 12

Dates: November 24- February 6

Course Description:

During this Exploration round I learned many things about different sectors in Cambodia. I learned that in the economy there are three different sectors. They are primary sector, secondary sector and service. We can also use other words instead of those words: they are agriculture, industry and services. The primary sector takes the raw materials that haven’t transformed yet. The secondary sector transforms the raw materials into goods. Last but not least services provide the services to the consumers. Besides those three things we also read some articles about the economics in Cambodia in the present and also in the past. They were so challenging for us because the English is not for us kids that are still learning English, so we needed to try really hard with that. We have also done some research about the different sectors in Cambodia now. We found out that the problem in Cambodia now is that our products are hard to export to the international markets because our products are not in the high quality enough for what the market wants. If we can’t export lots of things, so they will be a big issue for our economy because our country can’t make any income to develop our country. It is really difficult for our country to find money because we are still a developing country. At the start of our Exploration we had an intention. We are going to publish a book about the Cambodian Economy. According to our data that we collected from the internet and many different books, but the information aren’t enough for us to publish a book yet, so we are also goes to many different trips to get more idea.