Water Sanitation Description

Exploration Name: Water Sanitation

Learning Facilitator: Solyka

Number of Students: 12

Course Description:

This is the second time that I get to learn about water again over all the Explorations that I took so far. In this Exploration we were learning about the Water Sanitation Challenges in Cambodia. The thing that we really focus on the most is the sanitation about the bathroom that people use if there are living at flooded village, in the city and how the water system work. I learn some kind of toilet that people use at the flooded village. That toilet have two holes, one hole is for number one and another one is for number two. There is no sewerage system at the flooded village, so they use the bucket to put underneath the hole from the toilet and when the bucket there is a station that collect all the waste and put them as the fertilizer. Then they can benefits from that waste. This kind of bathroom call Pit Latrine. To learn more about all these things we went on two trips to Battam Bang and Siem Reap. We went to see how the system works at Battam Bang and the thing that is really interesting to me is all the waste from the city are all go to the rural area and the people near the treatment place can use the water that already treated by the plants to use, but they are not for foods the water can just for plant the plants and they can get lots of benefits after they that water because it is full of good things for the plants to grow in there. Then I went to Siem Reap. As Siem Reap is one of the best Eco-Tourism place, so they need to have a better strategy to get the water system work well and when the wind blow by seasons there is no affection to the city. That mean before they build the place they need to think really carefully. There are also lots of things for me to know more and if I know all of these things it can also make me have some of an idea to change my country.