Physics – Elastic Potential Energy

We learned how spring force work. We use the equation, F = -kx. which F is the apply force, k is spring constant and x is how much spring displace from its original shape. This is part of the lab, where we are required to use the phet website to figure out spring constant and elongation and put those data in a table and graph them out. Afterward, we were required to use the information we had already found out and use to find the unknown mass of the 3 colored objects (red, tan and green).

App Development

Name of course: App Development

Learning Facilitator: Alli, Keith

Number of students:  11

Course Description: 

It has been a really exciting, but pressure on seven-week course this year. It was a student, running project. I have been working on a phone application called Tos Tov in a group of eight members. The idea of the application was intentionally wanted to be created to aid Cambodians fiding taxies easier. What we have learned as a team is that, Cambodian spend lots of time waiting for a taxi to leave; they ended up waiting for 1 to 3 hours, which is time wasting. The project started from two years ago, but due to time and that we are in high school, it has been really difficult to find time as a team to continue working on the project. Since we have the time this course, we sat as a team and figured out a new way to get the application out. There were many parts of the team that need to be done, which are legal side, coding, and marketing. We switched direction for many times as well, but we finally got down to a specific, more narrow direction.  We are planning on launching our first version of the app on the 9th of December. We are really excited about the launch!

Kampot Readers and Writer Festival

November 2nd

I was really appreciated to spend my water festival break on the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival. There were many amazing actions out there that writers do. One of the writers travels the world to write stories about all countries in Asia. It was amazing to hear about her experiences. She experienced different cultures and there were also many stories that got really stuck in her mind. I also love listening to many poets and seeing them expressed their skills, which was during a poetry slam night. Anyone can be a part of the poetry slam contest. I was interested, but it was difficult for me to share my poetry slam because it was really personal. Anyway, I also feel amazed getting to help with street art. It was really creative because it includes literacy words in both Khmer and English. Moreover, I also enjoyed learning about using metaphor in poems as well as creating my own creative stories. I really enjoyed the trip and I am really looking forward to being in more of that kind of event more in the future.