On Sunday, 23th of October, 2016 I volunteered my weekend time to go out biking. It was a 45 kilometers of bike. Though it was hot under the sun and it was a long way, but I am glad to do it.image3

On the 19th of October, 2016, there were two speakers from the Green Camp, Bali came to our school to talk about Green Camp. At Green Camp, they built their school with bamboos structure and besides, they also teach their students to live with nature and to love nature. Two of their students used to talk in TEDTalk about anti-plastic and that it’s so amazing because they’ve talked to their government and that they agreed to be plastic bags free in 2018.

Robotics Description – Taiwan


This is my second round of year 5 at Liger and I got to be apart of this Exploration working on robotics for a competition called Vex, which take place in Taiwan. This was seven weeks long, but we have to put extra work on it, so we could be done on time. It was challenging learning this new and more advanced technology, but I really enjoy working.


On the 2nd of December, 2016 we got to Taipei, Taiwan at Taipei American School, Liger was the first and the only Cambodian team competing in the competition. We are really proud in having this opportunity to represents our country. Besides, our team got a trophy from judges. We got “Judges Award”! We worked so hard and through our optimistic and creativity, we deserves this!

We are proud that we are the first team represents Cambodia as well as it’s our first time and we got the trophy!

We also got to be in Sabay news!

Digital Currency Talked at Impact Hub


During the Liger Digital Curency exploration, we as a group decided that we wanted to share people what we’ve accomplished, so Malika and I volunteered to present about our work at Impact Hub. It was a great experience for me speaking in front of many teachers and adults. I felt scared at the first time, but once I started talking a lot, I feel like it’s normal and I think that it’s good to challange myself because in real life, I’m of of those that are shy and feel afraid of talking in front of many people!

Film Making

I always passionate in creating movies and videos and here is another video that I spent part of my learning time doing it independently without any teachers help. This movie titled “Don’t Follow Me” and it’s a movie speaking in Khmer. Basically, this movie focuses on the affection to a girl that being too much on phone.