Khmer Rouge Description


Here is a video that was created when we went on a trip to S-21, a prison during Khmer Rouge regime.

Name of course: Khmer Rouge

Learning Facilitator: Caroline

Number of students: 13

Course Description:

Learning about a painful path that is connected to me made it difficult on my feelings. Khmer Rouge had created a horrible history. They took over the country. At around 1960s, Cambodia thought they were living in a second golden age. Many of them were living a luxurious life with all things they need. There were supermarkets, music, tall buildings etc. But bam! Everything was gone under the action of Khmer Rouge. Their mission was to eliminate classes so everyone could be equal, but they killed all the intelligence and talented people. There were lots of cruel actions were done by them. People were forced to marry and work with the little amount of food. Some of the Cambodians were even starved to death. After 3years 8 months and 20 days in April 1979, the regime collapsed, but the past still left with painful scars in people’s heart. They lost their family, homes, and jobs. Many buildings were destroyed. I am praying to millions of souls that were killed during that time and if there is next life, I hope they would never ever experience the same thing again.