Climate Summit Description

Name of course: Climate Summit

Learning Facilitator: Karen

Number of students: 14

Course Description:

Climate change has been a huge problem all around the world. Climate Summit is an exploration that was created to spread awareness to students to understand about the importance of climate change. We, as team hosted an event at our school to students from variety of schools, which allow them to come together to come up with solutions related to the change in climate. In the event, they were representing an assigned region. Their act should be real and well represented. Before getting into teams, they also had an overview of climate change by our team members to get the idea. Once they were ready, we broken them into teams and their solutions were put into a computer simulation to see how much had they reduced. The computer simulation allowed each region to set a time frame of when will they start reducing their emissions as well as the amount of money they are willing to invest. There were lots of talks around between students and it was really interesting seeing them having different thoughts on choices they made.