Heckathon Cambodia


On the 26th and 27th of November 2016, two groups of students from Liger participated in an event call Heckathon. I gave up my weekend and was working with the other three students on a project called Nhor Nhem. We first wanted to continue working on our old project, which was a bus application helping people to know where their taxi are. Since we’ve gone too far on that project and the judges said that we need to change our project, that’s how we got this project called Nhor Nhem, which is a health application that could help to solve the world issue. This helps to connect people with the world when they’re sick, so their sickness won’t get to a really big problem even though they don’t have a smartphone or a lot of money. Moreover, those people who has a smart phone also could get access to the application as well. Participating in this event wasn’t easy, since we have to start from zero, but we did it and we felt really proud because we got a trophy for our creative idea!!

Waste Management Description

Name of course: Waste Management

Learning Facilitator: Keith Simpson 

Number of students: 13

Course Description:

This is a seven-week long project. We came up with different idea of how to make our own compost as well as writing our own business plan. In compost side, we had created 4 tumblers with two distinctive designs. We did an experiment with the tumblers to see what’s compost method works well. To see if our method works or not, we were looking at few things like if the method could maintain heat in the tumbler and if our organic materials break down. While testing out the compost method, we also wrote our own business plan. One of the big parts of the business plan that I worked on was Operational Plan. I wrote down details and figure out ways of how the business going to work because we will not run our own business, so it has to be as in details as possible. It was challenging, but we did pretty well. I am glad to be a part of this exploration because I think that it is a smart business idea in implement in Cambodia. Lastly, it will also lead to a better future for Cambodia in the environment sector.