Project-Based Learning (PBL) Description

Name of course: Project-Based Learning

Learning Facilitator: Phearun, Sophorn and Mr: Jeff

Number of students: 10

Dates: December – February

Course Description:
While other students were working on other Exploration such as Entrepreneurship and Cooking. In this Exploration, my classmates and I had came up many examples of projects about Project-Based Learning, so that we can use those projects to introduce to the government schools. So far, we had visited two high schools in Phnom Penh, but we decided to share about our projects to only one school among those two because the school was open minded for us, which was Russey Keo High School. We had shared with them about Water Filter and also about Waste Management. We went to “Russey Keo High School” to explain them the way to conduct their own water filter, their own recycling things and we also told them how important these projects are and that we are glad to have hem involve in this project with us. Before we headed back to school we left them two projects which required them to create their own water filter and their own recycling things. After two weeks we went back to their school again to check our their progress and also handed out certificates to those students that had finished their work on time. Also their collaboration to this projects because they could only used their time beside class time to work on these projects. This was not it, we had also asked them some questions about Project-Based Learning. Such as, do they like to work on Project-Based Learning? Most of their answer were “YES” because they can learn independently for most of the time and they also get to explore real things.