CIC Description

Name of course: CIC (Crime in Cambodia)

Learning Facilitator: Jeff

Number of students: 7

Course Description:
This Exploration was hosted by students and it was the frist Exploration ever that students were leading the class. During this seven weeks course, I’ve been learning about Crime in Cambodia as our big theme. But we were strongly focusing on the environmental crime which are destroying by people. As we seen and had some background knowledge about this, we came up with an intention of helping to preserve lives in the water. We went to Kep to explore more about it. We met some people from Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) who are working to protect the marine ecosystem at Kep province. We also interview a villager at there. When we got all the information that we need, we turned them into a documentary to educate people who can access to the internet not matter they are Cambodian or foreigners, but I think that we should collaborate as a team. I think like this because fish have lots of protein and what if we don’t have fish anymore? It would be really difficult!