How I Changed Cambodia 2013 – 2014

Cambodia is my country. I want to develop it a lot. Now I am the kids it really hard for me if I want to change some thing. So now I have many different knowledge that can be my foundation for me. So at the future I can use them to change my country and my self future. At Liger I learned many different subjects. But the most that I interested at them are: Forest Ecology, Public Relation and Architecture. These three things make me so excited a lot because in Forest Ecology I had the chance to went to the forest to have a looked at Cambodia forest and knew about the problem that Cambodia had now. This make me want to protect that forest and animals a lot so when I grow up I also can use my knowledge in this exploration and aother extra study to help my self understand more about that. So at the future it also can be my job too. It make the positive thing because I got the more ideas to help change Cambodia. Other thing was Architecture that I can draw the floor plan of the house and side view. I can make the different for Cambodia because it not easy for the students like my old in Cambodia that have the chance to learned about that liek this. So I really happy because I can learned many knowledge that my young in here not have the chance to do. The last thing was Public Relation the different that I made in that was I can shared my knowledge to the other students that not very good at that. So if I don’t know they teach me and if I don’t know they teach me. Anther thing is it make the different between my old school and here. At my old school everyone alway chasing each other to get the best by them self not like in here is to teach each other. But we both had the same goal was to change Cambodia to get the bright future.

Video Expertise

This is a video that my group and I made during our video Expertise. This Expertise is one hour per week. I really enjoyed in this Expertise and the video is about our school core values.

“I go an unusual school”

Name: Neang L
Group: B
Date: September 3rd
English Writing

I go to an unusual school. This school is located in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is a boarding school and the students in the school were selected from many different places around Cambodia. There are 50 students and we are the first generation of the school. Liger is providing free education for all 50 students and also food, housing, learning materials and many other things. In our education system we are learning many things, such as Khmer and English Literacy, Math, STEM (which we learn from many staff) Expertise is the subject that we can pick our own topic to do and that’s call Independent Discovery, or we will be assigned by teachers to learn if that is important to our Exploration, Exploration is learning to explore things and every Exploration is seven weeks. In every Exploration there will be a goal, but the big idea is that we want to change Cambodia. Sometimes we have off campus trips to explore. Some trips can be in the country and some trips can also be in the other countries, so we could get the opportunities to meet people and learn about the world. My life has changed when I came to Liger, My unusual school.


Besides school time I have got some after school extension and this is one of my favorite sports. Football makes me feel fresh because when I got stress in class football can make me feel better and also makes me sleep well at night when I used my energy to play this sport.