Physics – Elastic Potential Energy

We learned how spring force work. We use the equation, F = -kx. which F is the apply force, k is spring constant and x is how much spring displace from its original shape. This is part of the lab, where we are required to use the phet website to figure out spring constant and elongation and put those data in a table and graph them out. Afterward, we were required to use the information we had already found out and use to find the unknown mass of the 3 colored objects (red, tan and green).

Study of Kinematic

Physics is not just a study of forces or motion, but math also has a role in physics as well in the process of calculating forces acted on an object. We learned about forces and energy. We also learned to apply formulas to an exercise. It is challenging since I always have to be organized in solving the problems or else I can mess up the whole thing. I like that there is a variety of ways that can be done in the solving process, so if I am not sure how to solve a problem, I can always try to make a connection to things I already know and solve it.