Entrepreneurship Description

Name of course: Entrepreneurship

Learning Facilitator: Kichong

Number of Students: 13

Dates: August 13 – Oct 3

Course Description:

In our Entrepreneurship Exploration, we learned many things about business and also about 3D printing machines.
To make a business:
People have to come up with an idea (to know what business that they want to work on)
To come up with an idea, you have to know what people need, so you can make the thing that relates to what they want or what they need.
To know what your customers want you can do the research by: asking people, researching, looking up on the internet, reading the books, newspapers, magazines, watching television and many other things.
When you get ideas you have to think about what should you make to sell to fit with people’s problem, so you can sell your product a lot and get a lot of benefits.
After you make it you can try to use it first to see if it has the good quality or not because if you sell the product that doesn’t have the high quality you can’t sell it for the high price and also your customers will not buy your product anymore because it is not good.
When you sell your product if you can you should let the customers give you feedback about what you should change.
If you can you should make changes for them, so you can attract more customers and make more money.
You also have to think about competitors because it is not just you making that thing, so you also need to make your product better than them or more special than them, so you will make more money.
If you sell for the first time sometimes you can’t get the benefits at the beginning, but it takes a long time to get the benefit. So just keep going, don’t give up because the business will not always give you the benefits at first. Sometimes it goes down, but it can also go back up too.
If you wait for a long time and still no one buys you need to think about your product: why don’t people need it? Maybe sometimes people don’t know about it or they don’t like it. So you need to know what you should do to solve the problems.
When your business is successful you can improve it more or make the new thing to get more benefits.

The things about 3D printing machines that I have learned was this is the kind of machine that can print the material out of plastic. Like if I want to make a cup I just build that shape in Sketchup or the other app called 123D Design. Then I just connect that to the machine and it will print that shape for me. My team came up with many different ideas, but we decided to choose an idea about pencil cases. We divided the team up to work in many different jobs for our business. We also had some trips to some schools to sell our products and our business was successful because we sold many of them and we made about $100. To let more people know about our products we also created a blog to share to people. We named our product the Cambodia Pencil Case (CPC).