Who Am I

am Neang
I am a student
I am a 13-year-old girl
I am the youngest in my family
Having fun with friends is my free time activity
Football is the sport that I like
I am learning at Liger
I have two best friends
This is just

This is my Literacy work that I did in my English writing class.

Changing Cambodia 2014 – 2015

This is the third year that I have been learning at Liger. During this years I have improve many things. One of them is my my english reading skill. My english level have moved so far from other any other students when I did my reading test with my Literacy teacher Caro. At Liger if we do something good like this or you get best at something teacher will give you some prizes. So that mean I also get to choose a prize from my teacher too because I get to be the best at my reading skill. I also have learned Grammar Bootcamp. Grammar is one of my challenging skill because I am not good at that skill at all even khmer. But after I have learned grammar bootcamp I have improve a lot. I can understand about grammar more than I have expected. I also have learned many Explorations. I have been in an Exploration called Cambodian Economy. I have done many research about that. I also went on a trip to Men Sa Run rice mill factory to learn because this is one of the sector that help the economy in Cambodia grow. I have met a man at there. He is the director at that rice mill factory. We have asked him about his factory and also about how he can export his product to the international market. We went there is not just the purpose of learning, but our goal in our Exploration is we want to publish a book about Cambodian Economy in the present. I also have learned about Water Sanitation in Cambodia. I have went on two trips to Battam Bang and Siem Reap. I have learned how is the filter work at there. The one that I am really interesting at is at Siem Reap because lots of tourism go to visit there, so there are many hotels and restaurants are located in Siem Reap. The system is also very interesting because before they build the filter system they need to think about the sun, wind and many thing because they don’t want the stench to go into the city by how the wind blow, so they need to build it far from the city. Beside what I have learned in school at on that trip I also get to join a option project call Technovation. I always spend my whole Sunday weekend to go to meet my team at a place call Development Innovation (DI). This project is all about girls around the world with technology. The intention of this project is for all girls that have divided in team to make an app to help their own country. There are about 1000 teams have joined to compete. So everybody worked really hard to finished our work. It took us about three months every weekend on Sunday to go to and work at DI for the whole day. According to what I have learned I think I am a child in Cambodia and I can do all this things, which is challenging, but I can do it. Even I am the girl, but I still can do many thing with technology to help my country. I think if there will be more girls know more about technology our country will become a developed country because we can generate many new thing out of technology. Also water is one of the thing that we need to think of and also have some idea with water. I know that I can share to other people to know how important it is to keep the water clean, so when they are really understand about that it will be a great thing for people to know like our country that is still developing.

Phnong Indigenous Minority


Name of course: Phnong Indigenous Minority

Learning Facilitator: Phearun, Jaime

Number of students: 11

Course Description:

Our group have been working hardly to reach the group intention which is to publish a photo book that show about Phnong indigenous minority in Cambodia, especially over to the southeastern of Cambodia. Our whole group went to visit Phnong community and asked many questions to the people at the community there. To get information there are some challenges that we faced. On the way to a community at Mondulkiri it was slippery and muddy. We didn’t know anything about the road condition, so we drove our big bus there and our bus got stuck, so came out the bus and help each other to get the bus out. We couldn’t. The people are so kind to us there. When they see that our bus was stuck they came and help us. This was a trip that makes me feel that how important it is when you help someone when they need help.

Giddy Up Winnie


This book has a title of Giddy Up Winnie. This book is a level P which I used to read with my reading group. Most of the part in this book is about magic and adventure. I was really enjoyable with this book on the fun part like Winnie broke her wand then she want to have her wand back, so she grow the broken wand to make a wand plant and at the end she finally got lots of wands from her wand plant.