Refuse Plastic Description

Exploration Name: Refuse Plastic

Name of Facilitator: Max

Number of students:12

In our Refuse Plastic group we have learned many thing about plastics. To  know about the plastics the first day we came to class we did the experiment with our self. That experiment was to carry the big plastics bag around for one week to know how much plastics that we made. Then after one week we came together at put all the plastics into a big pile and see how much that we made. We found out that all of us made 192 gram in one week. It was a lot because we had 13 people in our group and the plastics was not so heavy so we could say that is was a lot.  We found out what is the problem that plastics can make to people that use them. We knew the problem that the plastics make is after people use the plastics they just throw them away because the plastics is easy to get and it cheap for them. Other reason was people have no ideas to make the plastics become the reuseable things. So when people don’t have an ideas about the plastics like this the strategy that they would do was burn, bury, throw them away and use the rubbish truck. All of these things are not so good because if we burn it will make the pollution. The problem would be have the climate change, acid rain, make people sick, make the world hot  and if we burn at some place like near the road or some thing so it can make the traffic accident because when the people ride on the road they can’t see because of the smoke. If people bury them it will be bad for soil so we can’t grow the plants ,the chemical come out from the plastics and they go to the plants. Other thing was throw the plastics it still not good for the soil and some time when the animals eat them they can make the animals die and it taking along time to melt so that would be bad for environment too. They are also smelly and bad for our health. The last thing was rubbish truck we use them to take our rubbish away but it just good for your place but they still put them in the landfill so they would need the place to put all the rubbish that collect every day. So if we don’t want that problem to have so we have to use the less plastics and if you can’t do that just use the bag that make out of the fabric or the eco friendly bags. But if you still use so just take them to make something new if you can or use them again and again a lot of times as you can. These what I learned from this exploration. To know more about the plastics we went on the trip to BKK market and City Mall market. We went there to survey some of the sellers and the customers. When we went to BKK we saw that when they place use the plastics was they use less packaging and they sell the thing in the open place and at the City Mall we saw all nearly all the thing were packaging by plastic. We thought we want to use less plastic so we use less packaging but we have to thing for our health. Between both or them which one was the best. But at BKK market was not too bad because the thing put in open place but there is no flies flying around. So it up on the customer to be decide by their self about if you care about you health and want to use less plastics. After that we went to CINTRI is the place that help collect the rubbish. So we went there to learned about the plastics. The other places that we went was the community and we asked some questions to the villagers and they all said the strategy that they use for their plastics after they don’t need to use them more so they just take them to throw and burn was the most thing with out of think about what problem going to happen for them at the future. For us after we collected the data we tried to think the strategy to reduce the plastic so we made the things out of the plastics that we don’t need to use them anymore.