Independent Discovery – Film Making

I’ve been working with my two other friends to produce our own movies. We wrote a lot of movies, but we didn’t have a chance to shoot those movies, so we are looking forward to get those movies done sometimes in the future. Below is one of the examples of our funny script.
Next to the pond
A person is sitting at the bench, then other person walked in with their phone watching movie. Then person sits down with their phone watching movie. They show some crazy actions that they are really enjoying the movie.
1. Laughing loudly
2. Stomping on the feet
3. Yelling
4. Singing and using hands
5. The person that sits next to our main character asked to stop and says “excuse me” but it didn’t full word yet, then our main character accidentally slapped the person that sits next to in the face
6. The person that sits next to falls and bleeding and unconscious
7. Our main character doesn’t know how to help, so he looks around then no one’s there, so he ran away, but he heard the sound from the unconscious person and he tries to not make people hear, so he has a handkerchief and put right in the person’s mouth, then he ran away quickly.

Film Making

I always passionate in creating movies and videos and here is another video that I spent part of my learning time doing it independently without any teachers help. This movie titled “Don’t Follow Me” and it’s a movie speaking in Khmer. Basically, this movie focuses on the affection to a girl that being too much on phone.


Sabay News


My partner, Marady and me are so glad to see that our movie is now on the Sabay news page! On the page, there is an article about the Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival (PPYFF). The article is in Khmer because it’s for Khmer audience.

Check out the Sabay News website!

Film Festival at ISPP


On the 26th of March 2016, I had participate in an event at ISPP which was Film Festival, where kids from many different ages create their own films and film their movies. There were four movies submitted from Liger and one of them was mine and my partner, Marady. We both came up with the idea of ghost movie. We found out that filming isn’t easily come out like what we thought because the light have to look good and the movie have to make sense. It was challenging for us because our movie have to shoot at night and sometimes we gone to bed late because of the film. But still we love our film. I did the edit of the entire movie and I found out that my film took much time on editing than filming! Successfully, the amount of effort that we put on our film is worth it. Marady got a price for best acting and we got another price for best director. We also would like to say thank you to our mentor Richard Ramond Harry Herbeck.

Check out my movie!


Video Expertise

This is a video that my group and I made during our video Expertise. This Expertise is one hour per week. I really enjoyed in this Expertise and the video is about our school core values.