AOUGCC – Frisbee Tournament – Philippines

I started to join a frisbee team in January. I practiced three hours in the afternoon every Sunday. It was exhausted and required lots of commitment to the training. Through my efforts, I was selected for to be in the national Cambodian ultimate frisbee team to participate in frisbee competition in Manila. It was challenging, but I committed to myself that I can do it. I told myself that I will make it. After three months, I was in Manila playing in a mixed women and men team. It was not as comfortable being in an international competition for the first time playing against many players who had played for years. We didn’t win any game, but we tried our best to play. Even though our team got so many young and less experienced player, but we learned a lot from the experience. 

Resourceful Week

August 10th, 2017

At the earliest week of school, we had a day for a resourceful work. We were required to complete three tasks. One of them was to talk to a man who could make 60 Flag Football belts for Liger. Negotiate with him like choosing colors and adjust the sizes. Our second mission was to pick up Money Tree books on behalf of our teacher, Keith. Lastly, we also need to find the price and figure a place that Chickpeas were sold. I was in a team of five. We didn’t know where to go at first, but then from the use of map and research, we had successfully completed our mission. By this experience, we as a team learned how to be independent when adults weren’t around. We also learned to make sure that we were all safe as well divide jobs, so everyone that everyone has a role.