Sabay News


My partner, Marady and me are so glad to see that our movie is now on the Sabay news page! On the page, there is an article about the Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival (PPYFF). The article is in Khmer because it’s for Khmer audience.

Check out the Sabay News website!

Singing Class

DSC_5169Singing is part of our learning curriculum as well. Everyone will have singing class every Wednesday. I like this class because it’s fun but I can also practice my pronunciation. Besides, getting to know many new songs in other languages is also cool.

Floor Hockey

DSC_4162Besides learning in school time, I also join some sport activities to fresh my brain. This is one of my After School Extension (ASE) , Floor Hockey. It is one of the fun sport and I can tell from playing sport, though I am sick the sickness just gone from my body, which made me like sport even more.

Ep 1 Prepare for Special Night – Lip Sync Conversation

I was invited to be in this group, where we put songs and our day in life conversation combined together. I just feel like I never feel bored of producing video at all, which means I was having so much fun in the team. It also can practice with my pronunciation because I have to speak clearly, so the audience can read my lips. Moreover, English is my second language, so I should make sure that my pronunciation is understandable.

Basketball Competition at Olympic Stadium


On the 30th of April, 2016 most of the students from Liger all went to the Olympic Stadium to play basketball at against students from other schools. I was in a team with 3 of my other friends. Before the game, we only got to practice the basketball one hour each morning, so it was about 5-6 hours. In this amount of time, we couldn’t get our skill to be stronger. But anyway, we still happy to play. My team named Flash and we played well with each other, the thing is we never win the game. Besides, in the semi-final to find the 3th place, we actually won and we go to the third place. So my team was awarded by the Extrajoss company for the 3rd place.

Hun Sen, the Cambodian Prime Minister Mission




This is an event hosted by the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. I was participated in the event. I won as one of the top ten, so I got to go to see the Prime Minister to get the prize. I was glad and proud of myself.  Also to be in the top ten I need to have many votes. This event required participants to submit something that they have done that are related to the society, so I created a video about plastic. I think this event is helpful and I really love it.

I created this video to put in the competition.