Independent Discovery – Film Making

I’ve been working with my two other friends to produce our own movies. We wrote a lot of movies, but we didn’t have a chance to shoot those movies, so we are looking forward to get those movies done sometimes in the future. Below is one of the examples of our funny script.
Next to the pond
A person is sitting at the bench, then other person walked in with their phone watching movie. Then person sits down with their phone watching movie. They show some crazy actions that they are really enjoying the movie.
1. Laughing loudly
2. Stomping on the feet
3. Yelling
4. Singing and using hands
5. The person that sits next to our main character asked to stop and says “excuse me” but it didn’t full word yet, then our main character accidentally slapped the person that sits next to in the face
6. The person that sits next to falls and bleeding and unconscious
7. Our main character doesn’t know how to help, so he looks around then no one’s there, so he ran away, but he heard the sound from the unconscious person and he tries to not make people hear, so he has a handkerchief and put right in the person’s mouth, then he ran away quickly.